Unfortunately Dolores Cahill PhD and her views are being censored by the media and major websites like Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter because of her refusal to comply with the ludicrous NewNormal impositions. Prof Cahill has bravely taken this decision because of her understanding of the almost unimaginably harmful consequences if we continue to acquiesce to tyranny.

History teaches us that it is not the lies that are censored so please help beat the censorship by sending the link to this website & to the videos of Prof Cahill's presentations and interviews via text SMS message to your friends and family. You might also like to print off leaflets and distribute them to your neighbours. Here's an example of a leaflet you might like to use/edit and here's another. Please get in touch if you have ideas and suggestions for leaflets that could be used to share the good news and we'll share them here too. 


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