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The New Normal Documentary by features Dolores Cahill and investigates "The Fourth Industrial Revolution, what the 1% has to gain and the rest of us are about to lose". Click here to watch on BrandNewTube. Click here to watch on Bitchute.


A hopeful Easter Message from the World Doctors Alliance:  

World Freedom Alliance Whistleblower Event Part 1-2/04/2021 Please like & Share!!


A feable & very desperate attempt by the Irish Times to discredit Prof Dolores Cahill:

Prof. Dolores Cahill in conversation with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Henry Ealy, Dr. Sin Lee and Kevin Jenkins #testgate. Click here to learn more about the Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing Evaluation Consortium (NAATEC)  announced today. Friday 26 March 2021.


Dolores Cahill resigns as Chair of the Irish Freedom Party (22 March 2021 (Watch on Fakebook): 


St Patricks Day, Wednesday the 17th March 2021, Dublin's Herbert Park (Dublin 4). Watch on Bitchute. Deadly mRNA Vaccines, Monday 8th March 2021.

Irish Inquiry: Irish stand-up comedian Aidan Killian has spent the past few months studying in Amsterdam and has been denied access to his flight home recently as he hadn't taken a PCR test and is now stuck in France but is now being denied ferry transport and can't get any further. He arranged a chat with Irish Immunologist Prof. Dolores Cahill. Thursday 4th March 2021.

(ENG) “in conversation”, episode 4, Professor Dolores Cahill talks to doctor and OOC chairman, Søren Ventegodt.Author: DFF 2021 Thursday 25th February 2021.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny talks with Prof Dolores Cahill on The Tenpenny Files Podcast #Podbean. Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

Sarah Westal TV - Business Game Changers: Dolores Cahill joins the program to discuss the Truman Show like elements that have been manufactured as reality for decades. Saturday 20th February 2021. Part 1 & Part 2. #TestGate

 The Irish Inquiry: The Healthy Debate Lindie Naughton with Prof Dolores Cahill & Ivor Cummins. Tuesday 16th February 2021.

BBG The Richie Allen Show: Richie is joined by Prof Dolores Cahill (in the 2nd hour) & Louise Creffield (founder of Save Our Rights UK). Tuesday 16th February 2021.

BBC1 Panorama: Vaccines the disinformation war. 19:35pm Monday 15th February 2021. (The program didn't feature Prof Dolores Cahill after it was made clear to the producers that Prof Cahill is a proponent of vaccines and is in no way anti-vaccine and will take legal action against them for implying that in their program. Prof Dolores Cahill has always been anti-bad medicine).


Discussion with Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Imani Mamalution, and Sacha Stone about the dreadful vaccination madness that humanity finds itself in due to ignorance. Friday 12th February 2021.

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson LIVE with Prof Dolores Cahill. Wednesday 10th February 2021. 

Catherine Austin Fitts talks with Prof Dolores Cahill for Part 1 of the Special Solari Report on "The Cost of Vaccines". Tuesday 9th February 2021.


Prof Dolores Cahill invites you to join the Irish Freedom Party and to part of a movement that is building a better world. Wednesday 3rd February 2021. 

Prof Dolores Cahill talks to British Muslim TV channel UCTV. Saturday 30th January 2021. Watch live at 8pm on Facebook & from 9pm on Youtube.


Coming soon....    Prof Dolores Cahill presents at the People's Forum 'COVID Truth & Testimony', Thursday 28th January 2021.



Prof Dolores Cahill talks with journalist Grand Torino. Wednesday 27th January 2021.

Prof Dolores Cahill to present at the Greater Reset Event, Wednesday 27th January 2021. Dolores' talk starts at 2hrs30


Prof Dolores Cahill to feature on British Muslim TV. 8:30-10pm (UK time) Wednesday 27th January 2021. Watch live online & on Sky Channel 752 and Freeview 264.


Dolores Cahill explains how to travel freely without wearing a mask. (Thursday 21 January 2021) 


Dolores Cahill on the Eye of the Storm Roundtable. Wednesday 20 January 2021.

Dolores Cahill on the Corbett Report: Freedom Airway - #SolutionsWatch. Tuesday 19th January 2021. (Watch video on Odysee)

Dolores Cahill PhD made a video visit to the Gaeltacht Corca Dhuibhne (Dingle, County Kerry) to talk with the Irish Speaking West Kerry Community about things they can do to prevent COVID in their community, challenges that a Virus from China presents for those living in the Gaeltachts, problems that continued lockdowns & new PCR testing requirements for visitors to Ireland will bring for the rural tourist business, the issues of censorship and freedom of speech, the use of a mRNA genetic drug as a Vaccine, and the Irish Freedom Party's plan to restore Irish Freedom. Register to join future IrishFreedomTour events around the country. Saturday 16th Jan 2021. (This talk was recorded in the Irish language). 

The World Freedom Alliance New Year’s Eve 2020 "Unlock the World!" in Berlin with Dr Heiko Schöning, Maneka JC Helleberg, Lisa Hoffman, Astrid & Magareta.
Dolores would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support, it is so appreciated! In the Irish Freedom Party and as President of the World Freedom Alliance and the World Doctors Alliance, we will continue to defend and fight for our Freedom in 2021 and to build a better future for us all and for the generations to come!

Prof. Dolores Cahill and Dr. Heiko Schoening discuss COVID and the Right to Religious Freedom with Pastor Christian Stockmann at the World Freedom Alliance Berlin Meeting, New Year’s Eve 2020

Catherine Austin Fitts and Dolores Cahill are interviewed by World Freedom Alliance Chairman Maneka Helleberg in Basel. 31 December 2020.



The Trail of Truth, 23 December 2020.


Dolores Cahill Phd is interviewed by Liam Galvin. "I Would Sue For Murder if Someone Forcibly Injected Me With The Vaccine!"
Dolores Cahill Phd & French Geneticist Alexandra H. Caude discuss with Journalist Veronika Byrne  COVID19 Vaccines that are actually mRNA based Drugs, Monday 14 December 2020.

Dolores Cahill Phd presents at Santa's Save Christmas Protest, Speakers Corner Hyde Park, London (UK). (Starts at 2min 14sec). Saturday 12th December 2020.

Doctors Worldwide Speak Out About the COVID Vaccine: 1) There's no pandemic, and 2) A vaccine is NOT needed and is NOT proven to be safe or effective. Children's Health Defense. 9 December 2020.

#CaravanToMidnight:  John B Wells talks with Professor Dolores Cahill. Wed 9 December 2020 Livestream (2200-2300hr CST)
Justin Smith interviews Professor Dolores Cahill about Covid-19 on Wake Up UK. 9pm Monday 7 December 2020.

Assert Your Freedoms Rally, Custom Quay, Dublin. Saturday 28th November 2020.

Smile and sing along with the World Alliance Freedom Song with Mick & Dolores. 24th November 2020.

Dolores Cahill Phd, President of the World Freedom Alliance, asks "Why are we being Censored?". 21st November 2020.

Dolores Cahill Phd presents at the JFK21 World Freedom Alliance Rally, Copenhagen (Denmark). Saturday 21st November 2020. (Takes to the stage at 3hrs).

This two part feature length documentary reports on the establishment of the World Freedom Alliance (WFA) in Stockholm, Sweden. The WFA is a worldwide platform linking with various associations and organisations offering access to justice, true dialogue for health science and politics while holding worldwide officials to account under the law. Dolores Cahill Phd is the President of the WFA.


Richie Allen Show featuring Dolores Cahill Phd. 6pm Tuesday 17th November 2020.



Hearts of Oak livestream with Dolores Cahill Phd. 8pm Monday 16th November 2020.

On Frequency wars Dolores Cahill, a molecular biologist and immunologist, discusses how bioweapons are being used to move the world into tyranny. Wednesday 11 November 2020. (Registration required)



Edge Media interview in Hull (UK) with Dolores Cahill Phd. 7th November 2020.

You crack a walnut with a sledgehammer. Interview with Irish Lawyer Martin Byrne on the proportionality of the measures in connection with the disease Covid-19 (translated by Dolores Cahill) at the 'World Freedom Alliance' launch event. Friday 6 November 2020.

World Freedom Alliance in conjunction with World Doctors Alliance - first press conference held in Stockholm, Sweden. Saturday 31 October 2020.

Dolores Cahill PhD presents at the Stand Up for Freedom & Truthrally in Stockholm, Sweden. Saturday 31 October 2020. #COVID21 #BubonicPlague2022

Truth Over Fear Unmasking COVID19 Virtual Summit. 30-31 October 2020. Register at Coming soon...


CharliesAngels Episode 2: Dolores Cahill PhD, Alexandra Henrion-Caude and Judy Mikovits take on COVID. Thursday 29 October 2020.



Click here to watch on BrandNewTube.

CharliesAngels Episode 1: Dolores Cahill PhD, Alexandra Henrion-Caude and Judy Mikovits take on COVID. Friday 23 October 2020.



Click here to watch on BrandNewTube

Click here to watch on BrandNewTube

Peaceful Assembly for Immunity, Truth and Freedom at Cork City Library. 2pm Sunday 18th October 2020.



Click here to watch on BitChute

International Public Conference on Vaccination: Prof Dolores Cahills will present a walk through of the published science, including the technology she has helped develop that can help predict who will have a vaccine reaction and lead to more personalized health care to reduce risks. Friday 16th October 2020. .

The World Doctors Alliance Online Congress: The most important seminar of your life "Lockdown - did it save lives?" (3 CPD Points will be issued to all Healthcare Professionals  attending from the Royal College of Surgeons). 5-8pm (UK/Ireland) on Sunday 20th October 2020.




Watch on BrandNewTube


Watch on BrandNewTube

The "We have to TALK" #Schweigemarsch Silent March for Peace, Freedom & Fundamental Rights.  Adenauerplatz, Berlin. Noon Saturday 10th October 2020. Video coming soon...

Corruption Awareness Ireland: A conversation for truth and clarity through these concerning and confusing times. Parent To Parent With Professor Dolores Cahill. 9 October 2020. (1 Hour 9 Mins).


Arthur Shortall from Cork's LifeFM 93.1 Twitter Facebook (Christian Radio - A Beautiful Sound For A Beautiful City) interviews Dolores Cahill Phd about the Coronavirus Situation. Wednesday 30 September 2020. (52 mins).


The Raw Report with Sonia Poulton & Guests. 25 September 2020. (Dolores joins the discussion at 1hr 5min). 

Dolores Cahill PhD speaks at the End the Lockdown Gathering at Stormont in Belfast. Saturday 25th September 2020. Recorded & Shared by "NI Truth Seeker". (19 min)

Dolores Cahill talks about COVID19, Masks & Lockdown. Tuesday 22 September 2020 (1 hour 8 min)

Neil Prendeville interviews Dolores Cahill PhD on RedFM (Cork Radio Station)  about COVID19. Tuesday 22nd September 2020 (Interview starts at 25 Min into the show)


Dolores Cahill PhD provides a seminar on "Lockdown: Did it save lives" at the World Doctors Alliance International Congress. Sunday 20th September 2020 (17 Min)




Dolores Cahill PhD speaks at the “Resist And Act For Freedom” Protest in Trafalgar Square London. ~Shared by the Irish Freedom Party. Saturday 19th September 2020 (14 Min)

Recorded/Shared by Global Media Web (12 Min):



Uploaded by Targeted in Ireland (15min):

Dolores Cahill PhD and Dr Zac Cox preview the World Doctors Alliance Online Congress  being held on Sunday 20th September 2020. (40 min).


Transparent Media Truth Roundtable:  Canada & Ireland Unite. Rocco Golotti, ESQ (Twitter @RoccoGolottiLaw Website & Dolores Cahill PhD john Host Doug McKenty for a discussion on the current Medical/Health Freedom Legal Landscape: 11th September 2020 (2 Hours 17 Min)


Dolores Cahill PhD presents to an audience at the 'Saving Scotland: March on Holyrood' in Edinburgh (Scotland), Saturday 5th September 2020 (52 min)

Dolores Cahill PhD speaks at the Unite for Freedom Mass Protest & March in Trafalgar Square London (UK) at 12pm on Saturday 29th August 2020. Click here to download the Custodean Notice of Liability to share with your Teachers (and the Queen!) to make clear your opposition to the use of masks and social distancing with your children in schools.

Recorded by Gearoid Murphy.


    Dr. Maryam Azizi (in Los Angeles) speaks with Dolores Cahill PhD about "COVID-19, Hope and Freedom" (Video duration 39 mins). 1 September 2020


    Dolores Cahill PhD speaks at the Time for Change Protest (Yellow Vest Ireland) (Video duration 34 mins). 22 August 2020


        Dolores Cahill PhD speaks outside Facebook HQ in Dublin with Corruption Awareness Ireland calling for support of America's Frontline Doctors and Dr Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM (Video duration 2 mins). 6 August 2020

            Rowan Croft (the Grand Torino) interviews Dolores Cahill PhD in his Grandstream livestream show (Video duration 1 hour). 26 August 2020

                Prof Dolores Cahill interview by Dave Cullen Part 1 #SaveOurRights #saveourfreedom #KBF (Video duration 14 mins). 18 August 2020

                    Japanese translation:
                    #CoronaKriseDeutschland Narrative #15 Aufruf von Dolores Cahill Zeigt Euren Willen für Demokratie (Video duration 8 mins). 21 August 2020

                        Festival of the Butterfly - The White Castle, Athy, Co. Kildare. (Video duration 5 mins). 1st August 2020.

                           New Earth Project: Q&A with Imani Mamalution & Dolores Cahill. 26th June 2020.

                            Dolores Cahill PhD speaks at Time for Change Protest (Yellow Vest Ireland) (Video duration 11mins). 25 July 2020

                              Prof Dolores Cahill discusses the LGBTQ+ agenda & Coronavirus at the Leinster House Protest against the new Minister for Children Roderic O'Gorman. Saturday 11th July 2020.

                                “All About COVID-19” features Dolores Cahill PhD in conversation with Dr Susan Downs MD, President, Silicon Valley Health Institute (Video duration 1hr 38mins). 4 June 2020.

                                    On The James Delingpole Channel James talks at length with his very special guest Dolores Cahill PhD: (29 May 2020)

                                        Lifting the Lockdown with Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Judy Mikovit & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (20 May 2020)



                                          "A globally significant, self determining, scientifically led, old school Irish rebellion is happening. "Truth is treason in an empire of lies." George Orwell. Correct. At the time of uploading NO ONE with institutional authority has taken Prof Cahill's debate challenge. Unsurprisingly. Dr Lipton knows a few things about the nature of biology and evolution"


                                          Niall Boylan chats with Dolores Cahill PhD on the Niall Boylan Show on Classic FM, 18th May 2020 (22 min)

                                            In an interview with Del Bigtree, Professor Dolores Cahill calls for accountability from those in power over the decisions they made in response to Covid19:





                                                Dolores Cahill in discussion with Del Bigtree and Dave Cullen about Covid19:



                                                    Dolores J. Cahill PhD on flu shots and vaccines - The Highwire with Del Bigtree (May 2020) 


                                                        Prof Dolores Cahill Interviewed on the Niall Boylan Show

                                                          <iframe width="694" height="554" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


                                                            Dr. Dolores Cahill on Immunology, Antibodies, CVD19 - Interviewed by Computing Forever's Dave Cullen (May 2020)


                                                                Gearóid Murphy interviews Dolores Cahill (Irish Freedom Party Tipperary candidate)


                                                                    "We are not Afraid" Dolores Cahill PhD talks at the Rally to Protect Free Speech:



                                                                        Dolores Cahill talks at the Irish Freedom Party Tipperary Cumann Meeting "Why Ireland Should Vote for Freedom":



                                                                            Grand Torino talks with Dolores Cahill and Fiona Marie Flanagan:




                                                                                Grand Torino interviews Dolores Cahill MEP Candidate of Irish Freedom Party (20 May 2019)



                                                                                      Shannon side Radio (YouTube has now deleted this video - search for it on


                                                                                            Irexit Limerick Meeting: Irish Politicians Don't want to solve things (May 2019)

                                                                                                  Dolores Cahill Louth LMFM radio 17. 12. 2019 - Freedom of Speech Rally (17 December 2019)


                                                                                                      2020 Computing Forever Dave Cullen analysis of Louth LMFM interview  

                                                                                                          Dolores Cahill speech Irish Freedom Cork 2019

                                                                                                            A wonderful leaflet that is being delivered to neighbours that was produced by a fan of Dolores Cahill's work: